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I’m the potter, Stephane ! 

As a kid, I passed my time looking at a « santonnier ».

Then I wanted to give pottery a try, so I came to see a potter in a nearby village and I tried and tried and tried until I achieve to what I wanted. My first creations were born.

I finally decided to throw myself in pottery in July 2012, I was about to become a real potter !! So I created « Terre de Méounes ». 

In my modest garage, I install my workshop to begin my great adventure, my passion. I love working with the clay, I make it turn, I give it a shape, an emotion..


The process of creating a device ask several steps ; its shape gets real as I’m working on the clay until the shape I have in my head becomes real. 

Then I put them in an oven and when they come back from the oven, we can hear it singing, it is the result of several hours of work. 

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